Visual Art

Culver’s learner-focused Visual Arts program offers a wide range of curricular and extracurricular opportunities to explore personal growth and expression through the arts.

Visual Arts Instruction

  • Beginning with Visual Literacy, Classes include a variety of practices in painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and art history.
  • The pinnacle Visual Art experience consists of a year of concentration in the Visual Arts Portfolio Seminar Honors program leading to a diploma recognizing either Visual Arts Concentration or Visual Arts Honors.
  • Visual Art students are afforded a number of growth opportunities during the school year, including the ability to interact with seminal works of art in the Crisp Visual Art Center’s Wolfe & Deer-Zink Galleries, and with the Michael Huffington Collection in the Huffington Library.
  • Visual Art students have the opportunity to experience and work with professional artists through the Visiting Artists Program, and participate in exhibitions, studio clubs, and trips to art museums and art festivals in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit.

The Highest Level of Expression

Honors in Visual Arts serves students who are passionate about exploring their artistic voice and are committed to pursuing an advanced course of study. Honors students work independently in a customized area of the visual arts  that fits their passion.

Honors in Visual Arts students have been accepted to a variety of colleges and universities, the likes of: The Art Institute of Chicago, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rhode Island School of Design, Savanah College of Art and Design, Ringling School of Art and Design, Pratt, Bath-Spa University, Bath, England, the Maryland Art Institute, and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.


Honors in Visual Art is awarded through the successful completion of a course of study culminating in the senior level Honors in Visual Arts Seminar. Interested students follow the honors track curriculum by taking Visual Literacy, Drawing, and any two media courses before the end of their junior year.  

The Honors program encourages a commitment to creation and exhibition, both inside and outside the classroom, leading to membership in the Fine Arts Honor Society. Qualified students apply for the Honors in Visual Art program during the middle of their junior year, and, once accepted, will meet with the Honors in Visual Art advisor to plan a course of study aligned with their specific Visual Art interest.


  • Student must have taken Visual Literacy, Drawing and two Visual Arts classes to be considered for Honors.
  • Those accepted into the program are required to take Honors in Visual Arts Seminar
  • All art courses are expected to be successfully completed with a high level of excellence.
  • Students must complete the preparation and installation of a Visual Art Honors Exhibition drawn from a portfolio of no less than 30 outstanding works reflective of artistic practice completed during the student’s high school career.


Are you interested in exploring the arts at Culver? Need more information about the Honors program? We’d love to help. Contact Visual Arts Coordinator Robert Nowalk at Robert.Nowalk@yuanzhunin.com for more information.